Cor-Bon Chooses Leadheads
January 2003
Cor-Bon Bullets has chosen Leadheads as one of the suppliers for their new line of 500 S&W Magnum Ammunition.

Load Data
May 2004
Leadheads now offers Customer Supplied Load Data.

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Welcome to Leadheads Bullets...

Here are some letters from our customers.

(Please Note that Leadheads Bullets Has Not Tested And Does Not In Any Way Endorse Any Of The Load Data Listed On This Page! Use at Your Own Risk!)

This Target Speaks For Itself!


I took this 150lb boar on 11/17/05 using your 205 gr gas check wide flat nose hard cast bullet.

I was shooting this in a 6" Ruger GP100. Hog

The one shot kill was at 30 yards. I shot the boar through the shoulder. The bullet penetrated the thick shield, broke both large leg bones. The bullet was just resting under the skin on off Side. This is the most accurate bullet that I have ever shot.

I have always shot jacked bullets in past but nothing but hard cast in future. I have also killed three deer This season with one shot and complete pass through kills.

Thanks for a great hunting bullet! Rusty



Just a note to let you know of a recent first-place finish at the Glock/GSSF "Remember the Alamo Ballistic Challenge" in San Antonio. Along with my team members from Florida and Texas we took first overall in the Stock Master category.

Just like your home page says, "the most accurate and reliable cast bullets money can buy." The quality and accuracy capabilities make these the best cast bullets available. This is the only cast bullet I shoot in my 9mm's, 40 S&W's and 45 acp's.

Next stop is IDPA in Houston followed by GSSF in Dallas. Thanks for making a great product!

Mike Finch
Team Leadheads Bullets

Finally got around to shooting some of your 235 gr 41 mag bullets. I wanted to see how your claim of no leading stood the test. So, I loaded up a number of fire breathing dragon killers and headed out to the local gravel pit to put both of my Ruger Blackhawks through their paces.

All I can say is WOW! I 've been shooting cast bullets for about 35 years and for the first time in as many years I found no leading of the bbl. None, nada, nothin. I don't suppose you want to tell me what "the rest is a secret" is all about eh? I didn't put them on paper, but, managed to hit every target of opportunity I put the sights to.

I feel they are equal in accuracy to the cast bullets I have been using.

Thanks for a great product that actually works as advertised. ( A rare thing in todays world)

R. Carter

My deer season was a real good one. I didn't get on any big bucks, but did fill my tags (and my freezer).
I killed both does with the 265's. One was only 30 yards, but the other was a solid 100. I know I don't have to tell you that I am very pleased with the performance of those bullets.

How did that load do in your Anaconda?


Leadheads and the new 500 S&W team up for another sucessful hunt!

DJ Bushman Hunting Russian Boars 6/18/03
.500 S&W w/ Aimpoint red dot/ Warne Bases and Rings

465gr Leadhead FPGC
200lb hog

Filmed on Paul Newsom's Great Outdoors TV show to air sometime in August.

Just a note to say Thanks, for receiving my order on a timely fashion. And also getting the order correct, more than I can say about some of your competitors. Keep up the Good Work, I'm glad to see a company that makes cast bullets the right way!  (Keith style) I'll be ordering again in the future. Thanks  Patrick Foley

620-549-6475ST John Kansas

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