GAs Checked and Plain Base Bullets

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Cor-Bon Now uses Leadheads Bullets Exclusively for their Gas Checked Ammunition




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Why Should you buy from Leadheads?

Equal performance alternative to jacketed bullets at half the price!

If you shoot IPSC, IDPA, IHMSA, Action Shooting Matches,Cowboy, or just plain plinking we have a bullet to meet your needs! Need bullets for Big Game Hunting? We can help you with this also!

We offer a wide variety of Gas Checked and Plain Base bullet designs which will meet and exceed the most demanding Reloading and Shooting requirements.
We also offer Exclusive Leadhead Original Bullet Designs.

Leadheads Bullets prides itself in the concept of "Accuracy from Experience". To maintain an accuracy edge, it’s important that we know what will not work as well as what does. We work with selected customers from virtually every shooting sport that test our bullets in actual shooting conditions to assure they meet or exceed our expectations.. The result is a product that has a reputation all over the United States as,

" The most Accurate and Reliable Cast Bullets Money Can Buy"

Leadheads Bullets accepts orders over our secure order page.Click on Order to View the bullets!

You can also phone your order in from 9am till 12:00 midnight 6 days a week Phone: 620-549-6475

Our bullets are used to win competitions in virtually every shooting sport!

Reload your Rifle and Handgun Cartridges with our bullets and save money!

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